Improving your emotional wellbeing

Another great Word of Mouth event took place last night: How to improve your emotional wellbeing. The evening was lead by another inspirational Oxfordshire woman, change facilitator, Silvia Siret.


Silvia starting by taking us through a guided meditation to help us all feel more centred and calm. Silvia suggested that we do this whenever we feel stressed to help us to let go of worries. It was a lovely way to start the session and really created a sense of calm in the room.

Silvia then told us all about the family constellation work. This is very different than anything else that many of us had ever heard of. Family constellation is a way to improve emotional wellbeing. If you are not as happy as you think you should be then there is often something blocking us and this could come from the family or another system e.g. work.

The person who has identified that there is a problem (the client) uses representatives to play the roles of their family or system and someone to play themselves and places them on a designated space. This makes the system visible to the client. The representatives “take on” the feelings of the people they are representing and reveal what the problems are.

Silvia got us to do a small practical constellation about one woman’s feelings towards her home country Australia. Silvia asked her to choose people to represent Australia, England and herself and place them on the stage without thinking.

I was playing the role of the woman. I honestly didn’t think I would feel anything but the whole of my left arm pointing towards Australia became very heavy and hot. I felt like I was drawn towards Australia but not a pleasant feeling like my arm felt anchored there.

This is a very useful tool for anyone looking for some answers in their lives or looking to heal troubles and move on as it makes you able to see a situation in your life from the outside.

To end Silvia gave us her 10 pillars to personal wellbeing:

  1. Realisation of the possibility that you could feel better
  2. A role model, concept or idea of how you want to feel
  3. Faith in the possibility that you can feel well or better
  4. Looking for support or help
  5. Accepting support or help
  6. Acceptance of your current state of being and looking at how you got there
  7. Improving self awareness/ consciousness
  8. To change (patterns or habits)
  9. Connectedness with mind, body and spirit
  10. Drawing a balance

Giving back to society feels good

Our first Word of Mouth event at the Port Mahon was an outstanding success with two amazing speakers talking about giving back to society and why they do it. To be honest I wasn’t surprised that Ami & Nickie were wonderful as they are both friends of mine who inspire me everyday with what they do for others. They never moan and just get on with it. I knew this would be interesting for others to hear and it didn’t fail to impress me or the audience.

Ami Bloomer kicked off the evening and spoke about her new business, Give What You’re Good At (GWYGA). Ami compared GWYGA to Eharmony (online dating) for charities and people willing to give up their time and skills. Moving away from the fusty old image of volunteering for a charity and stuffing envelopes, but tapping into people’s skills and interests and matching these accordingly. For example if you are a graphic designer who likes cats you could get placed to do a graphic design project for an animal charity!

Ami first talked about business and told us that to succeed you need to find what you are passionate about. Ami’s passion for Give What You’re Good At is so obvious it comes across in her whole body! She told us you need to listen to your audience and that we need, as women, to promote ourselves. All very wise words that keep reappearing at Word of Mouth events.

Then Ami told us why giving back feels good and is good for us! Being happy enhances brainpower and giving back makes us happy! It gives us a sense of purpose, pride and promotes positive mental health. Ami very passionately told us that she thinks that fundamentally people are good and want to do good. She told us we need to look away from the medias portrayal of ‘broken Britian’ and look at what is good going on in our own communities.

Nickie Mundy followed Ami onto the stage and told a very personal story about why she has decided to become a foster mum. Nickie told her own story of living with a brother who was an addict and couldn’t look after his own children. She saw first hand the affect this has had on the children and the things that she did to help. She was there for her brother’s children to take some of the pressure from her mother who became the children’s guardian.

Nickie spoke about the need to instill confidence in children and how she has done this with her own children, her nieces/nephews and work experience children. She said that judging children on appearances/circumstances was like judging a book by its cover and not finding out what was inside. She described how horrified she was when someone described one of the work experience children as ‘dim’ and worked hard with that child to prove them wrong.

Nickie’s passion for helping people is awe inspiring. I am touched by her warmth and passion for young people. She is a true believer that everyone in life deserves a chance and this is why she is going to make the perfect foster mum.

I think everyone left the event feeling like they had learnt something new and something valuable! We are not islands we do not stand alone in this world and sometimes we have to extend a hand and help others out! It might help you live longer!

If you want to learn more about Give What You’re Good At please visit the website.

The next Word of Mouth event will be on Tuesday 8th May, in the Phoenix Picturehouse in Jericho at 7:30pm. We will be joined by Giselle Ruskin formerly of Heart FM who will be talking about working in the male dominated world of radio, redundancy, having a child at 36 and her new business adventure.…

Top 4 Regular Treatments Carried Out on Elderly Individuals

The aging procedure is something no one is gotten ready for till they experience it on their own. With mortality rates decreasing all over the world, doctors and cosmetic surgeons are reportedly going with procedures such as partial rather of complete knee replacement.

The following are the most common surgical treatments needed by elderly clients around the globe, like a knee surgery or LASIK eye surgery procedure doctors perform:

Cataract Surgery

Impacting many people aged fifty-five and above, a cataract is the slow clouding of the ocular lens. It is a natural part of aging and occurs to humans and animals alike. Although cataracts have been known to strike some people at a much younger age, depending upon household history and an opportunity of diabetes, cataracts happen mostly in the senior. All surgeries like LASIK eye surgery procedure in the senior come with their own threats, cataract surgical treatment does not need overnight stay. The clouded lens is removed thru the LASIK eye surgery procedure by an eye cosmetic surgeon and an intraocular lens is placed in its place.

Joint Replacement Surgery

A lot of people over the age of 60 have a touch of arthritis and need some sort of orthopedic surgical treatment, like a knee replacement. Hip replacement surgical treatments are as typical as knee surgery doctors conduct. Orthopedic procedures like knee replacement carried out by expert approaches like robotic knee replacement are required when ball and socket joints dry up and need to be replaced by prosthetics.


A medical term for gallbladder surgery, utilized to be carried out primarily on the senior due to infections or stones created in the gallbladder. Usually, a laparoscopic procedure, patient’s abdominal cavity is filled with gas to inflate it, followed by small cuts made by scalpels to place a little electronic camera into the surgery site.

Ulcer Surgery

Typically, ulcer surgical treatment is the last hope for many physicians around the world. Mostly caused by bacterial infection, it can be resolved by strong prescription antibiotics, if captured early. In major cases, the ulcer hinders the patient’s capability to absorb food or the ulcer continues to eat through the stomach, and hence, ulcer surgical treatment may be necessary. The infected part of the stomach is cut and gotten rid of by a surgeon if badly contaminated, or merely sealed with laser if in its initial stages. Check out their website at Milan Eye Center


All treatments like knee replacement in the elderly come with their own risks, cataract surgery does not need overnight stay. A lot of human beings over the age of 60 have a touch of arthritis and need some sort of orthopedic surgical treatment, like a knee replacement. Hip replacement surgeries are as common as knee surgery medical professionals conduct. A medical term for gallbladder surgery, utilized to be performed mainly on the elderly due to infections or stones developed in the gallbladder. Generally, a laparoscopic procedure, patient’s abdominal cavity is filled with gas to inflate it, followed by tiny cuts made by scalpels to place a little electronic camera into the surgery site.

In case you are struggling with any of these medical problems, you should contact your GP instantly. It is better to take care of medical needs before they become significant health problems. To learn about modern-day techniques and medicines, you can take a look at sites like and get the assistance you need.

Help Your Seniors Avoid Isolation with These Helpful Tips

As individuals age, they’re progressively living with danger elements, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, that increase the possibilities of having a stroke or establishing heart illness. One in 9 individuals age 65 and older, which is about 11 percent, have Alzheimer’s illness, however since medical diagnosis is difficult, it’s hard to understand precisely how numerous individuals are living with this persistent condition. That is why when looking for an Avondale heights aged care centre, make sure that your aging loved ones are given holistic care.
avondale heights aged care
avondale heights aged care
Older individuals suffer social losses considerably with age. Isolation is inevitable and will greatly affect their self-esteem. This will further lead to depression. Take a look at these tips to help your aging loved ones handle their old age with grace. It will also help if the Avondale heights aged care centre you select allow them to be part of the community to keep them from feeling isolated.
  • Share a Skill. A lot of elderlies have actually secret dishes handed down to them by their great-grandparents. They understand ways to make homemade deals with that will definitely make you drool. Let your elderly loved ones pursue their enthusiasm in baking goodies by selecting an Avondale heights aged care center that will assist them to impart their reliable abilities in the cooking area, with assistance from the care personnel. They can send their baked goodies to the heroes in your neighborhood like the firemens and emergency treatment responders. Exactly what a fantastic method to make usage of their skills in feeding those who continuously risk their lives to conserve others.
  • Knit for a Cause. There are a great deal of orphanages throughout the nation that require infant blankets. A lot of seniors are competent at knitting and if your senior loved ones enjoy to knit, they can use their abilities to make child blankets and contribute them to regional charities or kids’s’ health centers. This is a fantastic method for your seniors to bond with individuals who have the very same interest and will assist their shift to the St Albans aged care center a lot easier.
  • Being associated with Community Drives. Make sure to pick a care center that promotes such jobs if your elderly loved ones desire to continue offering back to the neighborhood as they have throughout their prime. They can assist gather products for victims of catastrophe or do a fundraising for those who are ill or have unique requirements. If they are currently growing old, make sure that your liked ones have no hidden conditions prior to permitting them to take part in activities that will assist them discover function even.
These are simply a couple of activities that your aging loved ones can still delight in. If they have other tasks that will fit the interests of your seniors, you can inspect out different Keilor East aged care facilities to discover out. Aging does not imply releasing your enthusiasm. It is much more crucial that your seniors discover function throughout their aging so they will not feel separated and depressed while they shift to an Essendon aged care. With the best Avondale heights aged care centre and personnel that are trained to manage numerous aged care requirements, your liked ones will quickly shift to the care center and will live a more satisfied life.…

Living Hassle-free and Secure: Residing in an Area with a 24/7 Clinic

You can’t always know when you’ll have a stomach pain or when your partner or child will require instant medical attention. Sometimes mishaps, burns, or serious aches occur in bothersome hours, and to add to the intricacy, a centre situated a couple of blocks away probably doesn’t serve throughout after-hours. In situations like that, thankfully, some clinics in Australia have Brisbane doctors open 7 days, 24 hours a week.

If you’re a patient who’s in dire requirement of medical attention at a late hour, you are not required to book for a consultation ahead of time to be tended by a physician.

Paying bills in bulk with a Medicare card

Possibilities are frightening, that’s why it’s so reassuring to understand that you live only a few blocks from Brisbane doctors open 7 days, 24 hours a week. Picture your disappointment when you encounter a clinic who refers you to other clinics due to the fact that they cannot cater at this hour—and it’s a semi-emergency!

What’s even better is that if you book a consultation today or go to an after hrs doctor in some clinics, you can fully pay in bulk if you have a Medicare card. Check it out at SmartClinics

For example, if you’re reserving a consultation for travel doctor vaccinations for your child who’s aged under 15 years of age in a SmartClinics branch, you can likewise pay wholesale except throughout Saturdays, where you are required to personally pay the bill. Pensioners who have health care cards can also get discounts.

Further advantages of residing in a location where a 24/7 clinic is available

1 – You are served even though you didn’t reserve an appointment.

It’s a given that 24/7 clinics are thoughtful, in terms of appointments. If you’re an outpatient walking in the middle of the night, attendants and healthcare suppliers can handle the spontaneity and serve you. This is naturally actually practical if the client requires immediate medical attention.

2 – Well-prepared and equipped centre.

Once again, given that their protocol is to be alert and serve patients instantly, it only makes sense that their clinic is likewise fully equipped with the essential tools for the most common emergency situation circumstances.

A well-prepared centre environment is also adequate for speedier queries and so that other pending patients can be attended immediately.

3 – The same ideal services and fees like regular clinic hours.

In some better clinics, some even have lower charges than those routine health centres or medical facilities. This is essential as many late-night outpatients are normally in a rush and they may not pay the main charges in full due to the fact that they most likely didn’t bring adequate cash.

Meanwhile, for those health care card holders, they will likewise get structured services and discounts at a centre who permits bulk-billing.

4 – You do not normally wait a lot.

Mostly, because it’s a 24/7 clinic or medical facility, their procedure is developed to serve and take care of each patient quickly and in the very best method possible.

Late night admissions are undoubtedly primarily emergencies, so it’s just logical for late-night shift health care employees to be trained in instantly attending clients and quickly finding out exactly what medical treatment they really require.

Also, if you took a time off from work to get checked in a clinic, a 24/7 medical centre can cater to your requirements since you’re not the one adjusting your schedule to meet them halfway.

If you’re looking for Brisbane doctors open 7 days and an after hours doctor Gold Coast wide, you can bookmark this site for emergency situations.