Giving back to society feels good

Our first Word of Mouth event at the Port Mahon was an outstanding success with two amazing speakers talking about giving back to society and why they do it. To be honest I wasn’t surprised that Ami & Nickie were wonderful as they are both friends of mine who inspire me everyday with what they do for others. They never moan and just get on with it. I knew this would be interesting for others to hear and it didn’t fail to impress me or the audience.

Ami Bloomer kicked off the evening and spoke about her new business, Give What You’re Good At (GWYGA). Ami compared GWYGA to Eharmony (online dating) for charities and people willing to give up their time and skills. Moving away from the fusty old image of volunteering for a charity and stuffing envelopes, but tapping into people’s skills and interests and matching these accordingly. For example if you are a graphic designer who likes cats you could get placed to do a graphic design project for an animal charity!

Ami first talked about business and told us that to succeed you need to find what you are passionate about. Ami’s passion for Give What You’re Good At is so obvious it comes across in her whole body! She told us you need to listen to your audience and that we need, as women, to promote ourselves. All very wise words that keep reappearing at Word of Mouth events.

Then Ami told us why giving back feels good and is good for us! Being happy enhances brainpower and giving back makes us happy! It gives us a sense of purpose, pride and promotes positive mental health. Ami very passionately told us that she thinks that fundamentally people are good and want to do good. She told us we need to look away from the medias portrayal of ‘broken Britian’ and look at what is good going on in our own communities.

Nickie Mundy followed Ami onto the stage and told a very personal story about why she has decided to become a foster mum. Nickie told her own story of living with a brother who was an addict and couldn’t look after his own children. She saw first hand the affect this has had on the children and the things that she did to help. She was there for her brother’s children to take some of the pressure from her mother who became the children’s guardian.

Nickie spoke about the need to instill confidence in children and how she has done this with her own children, her nieces/nephews and work experience children. She said that judging children on appearances/circumstances was like judging a book by its cover and not finding out what was inside. She described how horrified she was when someone described one of the work experience children as ‘dim’ and worked hard with that child to prove them wrong.

Nickie’s passion for helping people is awe inspiring. I am touched by her warmth and passion for young people. She is a true believer that everyone in life deserves a chance and this is why she is going to make the perfect foster mum.

I think everyone left the event feeling like they had learnt something new and something valuable! We are not islands we do not stand alone in this world and sometimes we have to extend a hand and help others out! It might help you live longer!

If you want to learn more about Give What You’re Good At please visit the website.

The next Word of Mouth event will be on Tuesday 8th May, in the Phoenix Picturehouse in Jericho at 7:30pm. We will be joined by Giselle Ruskin formerly of Heart FM who will be talking about working in the male dominated world of radio, redundancy, having a child at 36 and her new business adventure.