Improving your emotional wellbeing

Another great Word of Mouth event took place last night: How to improve your emotional wellbeing. The evening was lead by another inspirational Oxfordshire woman, change facilitator, Silvia Siret.


Silvia starting by taking us through a guided meditation to help us all feel more centred and calm. Silvia suggested that we do this whenever we feel stressed to help us to let go of worries. It was a lovely way to start the session and really created a sense of calm in the room.

Silvia then told us all about the family constellation work. This is very different than anything else that many of us had ever heard of. Family constellation is a way to improve emotional wellbeing. If you are not as happy as you think you should be then there is often something blocking us and this could come from the family or another system e.g. work.

The person who has identified that there is a problem (the client) uses representatives to play the roles of their family or system and someone to play themselves and places them on a designated space. This makes the system visible to the client. The representatives “take on” the feelings of the people they are representing and reveal what the problems are.

Silvia got us to do a small practical constellation about one woman’s feelings towards her home country Australia. Silvia asked her to choose people to represent Australia, England and herself and place them on the stage without thinking.

I was playing the role of the woman. I honestly didn’t think I would feel anything but the whole of my left arm pointing towards Australia became very heavy and hot. I felt like I was drawn towards Australia but not a pleasant feeling like my arm felt anchored there.

This is a very useful tool for anyone looking for some answers in their lives or looking to heal troubles and move on as it makes you able to see a situation in your life from the outside.

To end Silvia gave us her 10 pillars to personal wellbeing:

  1. Realisation of the possibility that you could feel better
  2. A role model, concept or idea of how you want to feel
  3. Faith in the possibility that you can feel well or better
  4. Looking for support or help
  5. Accepting support or help
  6. Acceptance of your current state of being and looking at how you got there
  7. Improving self awareness/ consciousness
  8. To change (patterns or habits)
  9. Connectedness with mind, body and spirit
  10. Drawing a balance